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Guide. Build. Train. Support. Innovate.

Planning to transition to Generative AI and join the next-gen technology revolution? Do it successfully with our high-performing team accompanying you throughout your AI journey.

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Embrace GenAI to stay ahead in creativity, innovation, and problem-solving.

You need an AI specialist partner who can help you become a part of the transformation with AI solutions that push the boundaries of innovation. That’s who we are! 

As a leading AI development studio, we ensure you make the most of the AI wave through our generative AI solutions. Our services encompass personalized guidance, cutting-edge AI development, AI training programs, and strategic AI innovation. 

Creative AI Studio


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Our clients

Industry | Small domestic equipment

Group Seb

The World leader (number one) in the field of small domestic equipment.

Industry | CAD/CAM


GO2cam is a top french company works on providing CAD/CAM software for clients all around the world.

Industry | Cable transmission line

Group Nexans

French multinational specialized in the cable transmission line industry. Areas of activity: construction and territories, high voltage and  telecommunications.

Digital | Email security


Founded in 2003, Secuserve is the first French company to publish security and messaging services 100% made in France.

Digital | Innovation

FR Digital

FR digital specializes in game-changing digital innovation and transformation strategies.

Digital | Email security

Resume Boss

An international startup, with intressting project to provide a resume AI generator for Physician Assistants


Reasons to Transition to Generative AI With Creative AI Studio

Custom AI solutions at competitive prices

"Delivering tailor-made AI solutions at competitive prices to meet your specific needs."

⁠Best-in-class GenAI tools ecosystem

"Experience the pinnacle of AI technology with our comprehensive GenAI tools ecosystem."

Deep expertise in LLMs and other AI models

"Specializing in advanced AI models like LLMs, we offer deep expertise to power your projects with cutting-edge technology."

⁠Compliance and data security

"Ensuring compliance and safeguarding data with robust security measures."

Focus on continuous innovation and support

"Dedicated to constant innovation and unwavering support for your evolving needs."

Timely project turnaround

"Efficient project turnaround, ensuring timely delivery without compromising quality."

Take Advantage of Our Proven Approach

The process we follow involves a series of tried-and-tested steps with the end goal of delivering business value. This makes your transition to GenAI with us as straightforward as it can get.
Day 1
First contact
Tell us about your project, needs and constraints

This usually happens in a form of docs exchange and a video call. We sign NDA if you require one.

Day 2
Studing your project
We analyse the requirements and architect a roadmap
Current state of your application, available materials, business objectives and deadlines are taken into account.
Day 3
All planned
You get a detailed proposal with our technical assessment
12-20 pages of thought-out insights from our experts along with the business terms. A huge value even if you decide to go the other way.
or on your choice
Project kickoff & onboarding
After a contract fast-track process, we're ready to go. In most cases, you can expect a pull request within the first 24 hours of cooperation.

Helping you navigate the generative AI landscape

We are Creative AI Studio, a specialist Generative AI solutions company with a mission to support, develop, train, and innovate GenAI initiatives for our clients. 

With our development expertise in Generative AI, we can turn your ideas into reality, creating innovative solutions that push the boundaries of creativity and functionality. Our AI training programs are designed to equip your team with the skills needed to excel in Generative AI, ensuring your company remains competitive in an ever-changing world.

Ready to adopt Generative AI in a fast, affordable, and flexible manner?


Easy ways to use AI tools, and tools to build AI.

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Creative AI Studio is your preferred partner for exploring the endless possibilities of Generative Artificial Intelligence. As a specialized studio, we combine our deep expertise in generative AI and software development to guide your company through the crucial stages of transitioning towards the future.

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