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FRDigital is a French company that offers consulting services to help businesses with digital transformation and growth. They specialize in providing customized digital expertise to help businesses succeed in the evolving digital landscape.


  • Creative AI Studio collaborates closely with FRDigital as a strategic partner. Our joint efforts are focused on the development of a comprehensive LLMOps platform tailored specifically for proof of concepts (POCs) and LLM experiments.
  • Together, we are dedicated to realizing the objective of delivering a fully functional development environment. This environment empowers companies to efficiently develop, build, and test LLM applications within accelerated timeframes.


  • Langchain
  • ChromaDB
  • Trulens
  • PromptLayer
  • Streamlit
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Creative AI Studio is your preferred partner for exploring the endless possibilities of Generative Artificial Intelligence. As a specialized studio, we combine our deep expertise in generative AI and software development to guide your company through the crucial stages of transitioning towards the future.