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  •  GO2Cam is a French software company specializing in Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software for the mechanical and dental industries.
  • GO2cam propose two softwares:
    • GO2cam Production: Software designed for machining experts, offering a wide range of functionalities for efficient toolpath generation and production management.
    • GO2cam Dental: Software dedicated to the dental industry, likely for designing and manufacturing dental prosthetics.


  • Leveraging GO2cam’s powerful CAM software, Creative AI Studio has developed a groundbreaking in-house Large Language Model (LLM) platform. This platform underpins two innovative co-pilot functionalities designed to empower developers:
    • Development Copilot: This AI-powered assistant seamlessly integrates with your internal documentation (RAG system). It provides developers with real-time, context-aware support, facilitating a deeper understanding and streamlined writing of driver code.
    • Transpiler Copilot: This intelligent co-pilot leverages the LLM’s capabilities to assist developers in creating transpilers that translate code into machine code. It meticulously adheres to the developer’s specified instructions and constraints, ensuring accurate and efficient code generation.
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